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Here in Armed Wolves, we are here to talk to people if they need to. This is mainly for people who are stressed, depressed, etc. Don't be afraid to talk to anyone! We're here to help.

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**Rules For The Chats**

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1 **Rules For The Chats** on Sun May 29, 2016 5:18 pm


Like a Star @ heaven You MUST read these rules before participating in the chat system.

  • No Spamming

  Like a Star @ heaven  Do not spam the chat, that being excessive with CAPS LOCK and constant messages every 2 seconds. Come on, its just annoying.

  • No Sexual Content

Like a Star @ heaven Okay, do you really think for a second that anyone would want to have to witness that kinda crap? Just don't do it. Simple.

  • Defamatory Content

Like a Star @ heaven Defamatory speech is any false, publicly spoken statement that harms the reputation of another person, group of people or organization. Why even bother?

  • Do NOT Harass Other Users

Like a Star @ heaven Don't harass other users about anything. This also goes for Admins. Do not constantly ask a user to talk about a certain subject they wish to keep to themselves. If someone says they're not comfortable explaining it or discussing it, then stop asking. Don't harass the admins either. There's no reason to bug them about anything. If you have a question, just ask nicely. There's nothing to it.

  • Keep Swearing to a MINIMUM

Like a Star @ heaven Do not start getting 'creative' with swearing. Words like 'shit' and 'damn' are acceptable. If you're mad, its understandable that you need to just let it out sometimes.

  • Report to me if You Have a GOOD Reason to

Like a Star @ heaven This includes telling me if an Admin isn't doing their job. Don't be afraid to approach me if something is going wrong.

Like a Star @ heaven Follow these rules accordingly, and you'll be fine. If not, you will be warned, kicked, etc. Like a Star @ heaven

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2 Re: **Rules For The Chats** on Mon May 30, 2016 12:30 am

Great rules so far! I would like to mention just maybe one more rule for now?

I know this forum is about helping others dealing with stress/depression/etc, and we know they came for help so of course we have to help, but could the people seeking for help try not to be attention hogger's? Going like, I am super depressed bc my lame ex boyfriend dumped me and I need everyones attention bc im the onli 1 that matters!

It gets on everyone's nerve and of course we would like to help but come on, don't try stealing the attention away from everyone else.

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